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Energy Builders are a special type of power. They can be either Ranged or Close (or even Close Area) attacks.

The main purpose of an Energy Builder is to generate Energy. Using an Energy Builder is much faster than waiting on Equilibrium to restore Energy, and can generate Energy past the Equilibrium point.

Every Framework has one Energy Builder.

A list of Energy Builders, by Framework
Name Framework
Strafe Archery
Shadow Bolt Darkness
Rain of Steel Dual Blade
Electric Bolt Electricity
Hawk's Talons Fighting Claws
Throw Fire Fire
Force Bolts Force
Sonic Blaster Gadgeteering
Ice Shards Ice
Righteous Fists Martial Arts
Clobber Might
Gunslinger Munitions
Wrist Bolter Power Armor
Reaper's Touch Single Blade
Eldritch Bolts Sorcery
Beastial Fury Supernatural
Kinetic Darts Telekinesis
Psi Lash Telepathy