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Evil Unleashed
Evil Unleashed
Author(s) Steven S. Long, Darren Watts, Allen Thomas, Scott Bennie
Publisher Hero Games
Released May 20, 2006
Binding Paperback
Pages 128
Retail Price $24.99 (print)
$16.99 (pdf)
ISBN 10 ISBN 1583660933
ISBN 13 ISBN 9781583660935

As every Champions fan knows, you can never have too many great villains! But with so many Champions books in print, sometimes it’s hard to find just the villain you’re looking for without a lot of page-flipping.

That’s where Evil Unleashed comes in. It saves you the effort of carrying a lot of books to the gaming table and the time needed to look through them for the particular villain you want. It collects the villains from nearly a dozen supplements:

  • Champions
  • Champions Battlegrounds
  • Champions Universe
  • Millennium City
  • Sharper Than A Serpent’s Tooth
  • the Ultimate series
  • Vibora Bay
  • Villainy Amok

and puts them between two covers so you only have to refer to one book when you’re searching for a superpowered bad guy. And for a little added fiendishness Evil Unleashed includes five all-new villains:

  • the supervillain team Merc-Force 1
  • the mysterious, demonsouled supermage Josiah Brimstone
  • Vixen, a swift and seductive cat burglar with other goals on her mind than just robbery.

So you’d better make sure your heroes out on patrol tonight keep their eyes open! Some evil’s about to be unleashed on your campaign....

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