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Exorcize Regime
Level 10 Mission
Zone The Desert
Subzone Burnside
Mission Start Witchcraft
Mission End Witchcraft

Mission Chain


Edomic Orb

Karathos Circlet

The dead are rising, angry their rest has been disturbed. Go to the Burnside graveyard and exorcize some of these spirits from the lands. I will consult the Eye of Horus, for I fear I know all to well who is responsible for this supernatural upheaval. Go to the well in the Graveyard, to the west of the town of Burnside, in western Uranium Flats. The scroll will protect you.

- Witchcraft


Recite incantation at Cursed Well west of Burnside.


Mission Notes[]

  • The Cursed Well can be found in the graveyard west of Burnside -- (/loc -2735, -24, 325)

In Progress[]

Thank you, {name}! Now I can finally tell you the truth about what's happened to me. I've been kidnapped, and a spell od Mystical Concealment prevented me from telling you the truth, or the identity of my captor, the one behind this supernatural abomination. But your efforts have broken the curse, and I can reveal my captor is none other than my sister, the mystical supervillainess known as Talisman!

- Witchcraft

On Completion[]

Terrible news, {name}. I made a horrifying discovery while you were exorcising those ghosts. The person responsible for raising the dead in Burnside is none other than my twin sister, Talisman, one of the most powerful and diabolical dark mystics you will ever meet.

- Witchcraft


  • 2,550 Exp
  • 36 Resource


Choose One:
SD Mission Flare Spirit Candles SD Gauntlet 001a Ghost Hunter's Gloves
SD Items Magicalenchantment Complexwhite 01 Witchcraft's Minor Warding SD Glasses 001a Etherial Glasses