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Expansions are very big game updates, which are only obtainable by paying. There are several expansions for HERO Games products, including the Champions role-playing game, throughout several of the game's edition, however at the current time Cryptic Studio, the developing company behind Champions Online, have only released two expansions for the MMORPG.


  • Champions Online: Revelation (A new expansion which was released for Champions Online in mid march. It features new zones, a new storyline, new enemies and new powers. In particular it introduced a new zone in the form of the mystically oriented Florida-bssed metropolis Vibora Bay located on the Florida Pensacola, a location that also featured heavily in the original Champions role-playing game. The storyline of Revelation sees the fallen angel/demon hybrid Therakiel attempt to bring about the end of the world from Vibora and the local heroes and Champions struggle to stop him. The expansion was originally suposed to be titled Vibora Bay and to be a paid expansion, but Cryptic decided to make it free upon receiving feedback from players. The expansion has been met fairly positively by players and video game reviewers, the majority of which has said it is the best storyline in the game.

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Past Expansions[]

  • Champions Online: Revelation