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The experimental life injection was a rare item drop that came from any level 9 Hunter-Patriot Mr. Zombie, a Master Villain part of the Brain Trust super villain group in the Canadian Wilderness zone.

The item would not have held as much interest were it not for a bug that made it a very sought out item.

Side effects



While its 2 minute 100% damage resistance buff was quite useful, the side effect of using this item was a slight increase in size... however, after a period of time and as of yet, an unknown number of actions, the item appears to activate itself numerous times in just a second, causing the character that is using it to grow to enormous sizes.


Giant after effect

As the growth occured in several steps, it was possible to trigger one stage of growth, increasing your size only slightly; however, activating what is often termed the "SuperHuge" mode was accomplished by a bug; switching costumes once the item has activated will result in your character growing to tremendous size. While it can still be bought in the Questionite Store, this bug has been since patched.