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Villain with canine powers and artificial claws.


As a young biologist working for a prominent zoological park, Fred�erick Rice became fascinated by the legend of the werewolf — the man who could transform himself into a beast. Even in their faux-natural cages, the wolves at the zoo were majestic and proud, uncompromising in their savagery and love of life. What man wouldn’t want to share in such feelings? With samples taken from the zoo’s wolves, Rice began to study human and wolf DNA, looking for similarities so he could create a “werewolf serum” that would allow a person to take on the shape of a wolf at will. He was convinced there had to be some factual basis for the werewolf legends, and after many long nights in the laboratory, he found it! Data in hand, Rice manufactured the first batch of lycanthrope serum. Certain it would work, and unwilling to wait any longer, he injected himself, and then waited breathlessly for the transformation to occur. Soon he felt it — he was changing! But unfortunately, it was not the sort of change he thought would take place. Pain began to rip through his body as human flesh was altered by lupine DNA. He yelled in pain, and then the yell turned into a howl, but no one was around to hear him. Eventually he passed out. He awakened to find his experiment a partial success. He had taken on some wolf characteristics. He was faster, stronger, and tougher, and his senses had become particularly acute. But his mind had changed as well. Lurking behind his facade of humanity was the Wolf, savage in its desire to hunt, to kill, to triumph. Only his strong will could keep the Wolf in check, and even then not forever. Knowing he could no longer hold down a civilian job, Rice killed a security guard, dressed the corpse in his own clothes, and staged a laboratory fire to fake his own death. Then he fashioned a set of metal claws and a wolf-like costume. Choosing the name Fenris after the unstoppable giant wolf of Norse mythology, he became a supervillain and mercenary, always eager for the next job so the Wolf could run free again.


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