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Super Villain
Faction Irradiate
Level 7
Zone Desert Disaster
Faction Symbol Irradiate 001
An abnormally large Irradiate by the name of Ferd may be a key leader on the attack of Project Greenskin. He is incredibly strong, {name}. You shouldn't try to take him down without a few friends to back you up, but if you can get a team together to handle Ferd you might turn the tide of this battle.
- Colonel Vanderbilt -- Quest Introductory Text: Built Ferd Tough

Ferd is a truly powerful individual, arguably the strongest Irradiate involved in the attack on Project Greenskin and quite possibly one of the leader responsible for the attack in the first place. He can be found wandering the Burning Sands region, taunting those that stand against him and rallying his mutant forces.


Mission Objective[]


Perk Objective[]

Vanquished Vanquished Ferd

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