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Cybernetically-altered, martial artist, gadget-using villain who leads Eurostar.


<“Danar, you can’t be serious!”> <“I am very serious. You might even say, deadly serious.”> <“But... but, your career! You’ve spent years becoming one of the best-known politicians in Europe! You’re one of the leaders of the European Parliament. There’s no stronger, more eloquent voice for the cause of European unity than yours!”> <“And has it worked? Have the fools stopped squabbling, stopped dredging up centuries’ worth of supposed wrongs, started working together to build a better future? Have they done anything to put Europe in the position of world pre-eminence that it deserves? No! They’ve done nothing! All my words have been meaningless, and my career has been wasted.”> <“You can’t mean that.”> <“I have never been more serious in my life. After years of blinding myself to reality, I can finally see clearly. The peoples of Europe will only come together for their common good if someone makes them. And I intend to do just that.”> With those words, Danar Nicole stalked out of the European Parliament building, never to return. Years of tireless work for his beloved cause of European unity had led to nothing but failure. Frustrated, angry, and incredibly bitter, Nicole decided that where persuasion had failed, force would do the trick. He spent the next several years transforming himself into a living agent of destruction. He studied with terrorists and martial arts masters, learning how to fight, kill, and cause mayhem and paranoia throughout society. He hired the best underworld surgeons and technicians to transform him. Bulletproof plastics were inserted under his skin, muscle grafts were sewn onto existing muscles, and special weapons were designed specifically for him. When the treatments were done, he went back to his training facilities to learn how to use his new body. And when he was done, Danar Nicole was no more. In his place stood Fiacho.