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Fight Club
Level 17 Mission
Zone Millennium City
Subzone West Side
Team Size 3
Mission Start Chief Surhoff
Mission End Chief Surhoff

Mission Chain

Chief Surhoff

Organized crime boss Frank "Full Frankie" Zaretti runs an underground pitfighting ring where high-rollers come to bet on superpowered combatants and watch them beat the stuffing out of one another. More than a few of these underground fighters have been permanently injured during these brutal fights. A few bodies have been dumped into the Detroit River we think are former combatants, too, but we don't have the evidence to implicate Zaretti. We suspect it would be in his computer system but there's a problem; The ring is filled with super-powered thugs my guys can't take down. Can you find the evidence, {name}?

- Chief Surhoff


Infiltrate the super-powered fighting ring run by Frank "Full Frankie" Zaretti and find computer records which implicates him as the organizer.

Recommended team: 3


  • Recover Computer Records
    • Defeat The Mechanic!
    • Find the Computer Records!
    • Defeat Professor Annihilator!
    • Defeat Black Mace!
  • Return to Chief Surhoff

Mission Notes[]

With suitable area of effect ability, this mission can be completed solo, though it will be very difficult. The bosses in the ring spawn one right after the other, so as soon as you have finished fighting one, be ready for the next. The last boss will be Black Mace. Defeating Black Mace will unlock the side doors. The computer records can be found in the workout room, the entrance to which to the far left corner of the main room from the entrance. The door to the right of the main room entrance leads upstairs to Frank Zaretti.

In Progress[]

Did you find the evidence that implicates Zaretti? You'll probably be able to find something in the computers at his underground pit-fighting ring. Watch out for his fighters, especially that thug Black Mace.

- Chief Surhoff

On Completion[]

Well done, {name}! I'll be happy to see fewer unfortunate people headed to the morgue because of this brutal "entertainment".

- Chief Surhoff


  • 8,300 Exp
  • 4 Resource100 9 Resource