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Official Description[]

The quintessential superhero power, flight allows you to soar through the air.


+ Grants flight in a fiery shroud
+ Maneuverability equal to basic flight
+ While out of combat, flight speed gradually increases over several stages
- While in combat, flight speed is reduced
- While active, the energy cost of all powers is increased


+ When fully charged you enter flight at maximum flight speed.

Advanced Description[]

These numbers are visible by clicking "Show advanced description" in the Power selection page, and also includes the stats which do not change from rank to rank.

2 sec
1.5 sec charge
Targets self
0.99 sec recharge
-15% Energy Strength
10 Flight Speed
20 Flight Speed
10 Flight Speed
5 Flight Friction
5 Flight Traction

Rank 1[]

20 Flight Speed
17 Flight Speed
17 Flight Speed
+-10% Power Cost Discount

Rank 2[]

(Requires level 20)

30 Flight Speed
21 Flight Speed
17 Flight Speed
+-12% Power Cost Discount

Rank 3[]

(Requires level 40)

30 Flight Speed
26 Flight Speed
26 Flight Speed
+-15% Power Cost Discount

Additional Information[]

Customization Options[]

Fire flight's power color can be changed from the powers page, and affects the color of the flames on the character as well as the fire trail left behind in flight.