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Supervillain who can augment or warp human flesh.


Owen Temple was a low-ranking scientist in the pay of Duchess Industries. He specialized in biology, particularly in projects whose goals was to speed the aging process of, and increase the yield from, meat food animals like cows and pigs. One day while he was working in his lab a crew was cleaning out some materials from old experi�ments. Unfortunately, Duchess’s safety precautions and menial workmen were not of the best. One of them tripped and dropped the whole load on top of Dr. Temple. Temple was doused with a veritable dog’s breakfast of biomedical waste, experimental sera, unapproved drugs, and other castoffs from Duchess’s biology laboratories. The pain from both the impact and the chemicals was intense, and he soon passed out. He awakened in the hospital, covered from head to toe in bandages. Then, to his doctors’ astonishment, he began to recover at a rapid pace. They took the bandages off in just two days — at which point Temple discovered he’d be scarred for life by the accident. He was bitter and angry about it until later that night, when he felt his flesh somehow move over his bones, rearranging itself to eliminate the scar tissue. Astonishment couldn’t begin to describe how he felt, and his feelings became more intense when he realized he could reshape his flesh and bones at will. Even better, a little experimentation on his comatose roommate showed that his powers worked on other people as well. Duchess personnel arrived the next day to “convince” him to return to the corporation for “further study and care.” When they made it quite clear they wouldn’t take “No” for an answer, Temple twisted both their bodies into grotesque shapes and walked out of the hospital. The next time the world saw Owen Temple, he was different. He’d used his powers to make himself bigger, stronger, tougher, faster, and more frightening of appearance. He called himself Fleshtone and set out to show the world just how terrifying (and lucrative) his powers could be.


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