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A member of the Cirque Sinister supervillain group.


In the fall of 2002, a small team of geologists was exploring an Arkansas pine forest after local residents reported a small meteor shower in the area. After more than two days of fruitless searching, Kurt McColl, one of the grad students involved, finally came across a charred black rock sitting at the bottom of a small crater. When he climbed down for a closer look, the rock split into two pieces with a snap that sounded like a gunshot. From the hollow center a purple, gooey liquid flowed onto the needle-covered dirt. As the young geologist looked on in amazement, the puddle of purple goo began to stir and bubble, and then to shift and grow. Before his eyes the liquid bubbled up into a column some eight feet high, then slowly coalesced into a vaguely humanoid shape. McColl finally regained his composure and turned to call for his compatriots to come see this amazing find, but when he turned back the large purple being reached out and touched his forehead. When the other geologists finally found McColl he was lying unconscious in the crater next to the broken meteor, in a coma he would never recover from. That’s where Flow’s awareness began — racing through the forest at night with the memories of a human male named Kurt implanted in his head. When he finally stopped running, he was near Little Rock, where he smashed up a restaurant and a liquor store, then took on some state troopers and finally ran away before PRIMUS agents arrived. He fell in with a gang of bikers outside Memphis for a little while, but eventually got angry at some of them and smashed up the barn they were living in. He set out on the road again and wound up in Vibora Bay, where Amnesia tracked him down and invited him to join her team. Lacking any other place to go and wanting to fit in somewhere, Flow accepted the offer and has worked with the Cirque Sinister ever since.


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