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This article is about the power framework. For the Champions villain, see Force (Villain).


Wield raw kinetic energy to protect yourself and your allies and send your enemies flying. Cast protective force fields for yourself and your allies while you use your kinetic powers to seriously damage your enemies.

Force grants quick access to the Personal Force Field power and allows you to regain energy to fuel your attacks by protecting and aiding your allies. Every strike aimed at your shields feeds you a small amount of energy.

Recommended Characteristics[]

Innate Characteristics[]

Helix Impetus
This is the innate characteristic for Force.
+5 Constitution +12 Endurance +5 Strength +5 Dexterity
+5 Intelligence +12 Ego +5 Presence +5 Recovery

On September 1, 2022, the Force powerset was updated.


Tier 0[]

No Requirements

Icon Name Type Description
Force Bolts Energy Builder Force Bolts fires darts of solid energy at your enemy.
Force Blast Ranged Attack Emits a blast of crushing energy that may well knock your foe out of your face.

Tier 1[]

Requires 1 power from Force or 2 non-energy-building powers from any framework

Icon Name Type Description
Force Eruption Close Area Attack Force Eruption is an explosive blast of energy which can fling your foes away from you. We all need our personal space, and you know how to get yours.
Force Shield Block Force Shield creates a protective barrier of pure force that significantly reduces incoming damage and converts it into energy.
Personal Force Field Buff Self Personal Force Field surrounds you with a cloak of defensive energy. Attacks hitting you will be weakened before they ever deal damage to you.
Protection Field Buff Targets Protection Field allows you to place a field of protective energy around an ally taking the brunt of damage from attacks against them.
Force Snap Ranged Attack You create a burst of Force energy just behind your target, knocking them toward you.
Kinetic Manipulation Buff Self Your mastery of kinetic energy grants you the ability to affect the momentum of physical forces.

Tier 2[]

Requires 3 powers from Force or 5 non-energy-building powers from any framework

Icon Name Type Description
Containment Field Crowd Control Containment Field allows you to imprison a foe in a sphere of solid energy, preventing them from making a move.
Field Surge Buff Self Field Surge gives you a temporary force field, and will repair your Personal Force Field as well.
Force Geyser Ranged Attack You cause a localized geyser of Force energy underneath your target, launching them into the air.
Crushing Wave Ranged Area Attack Crushing Wave releases continuous waves of powerful Force energy upon your foes.

Tier 3[]

Requires 5 powers from Force or 8 non-energy-building powers from any framework

Icon Name Type Description
Force Cascade Ranged Attack Force Cascade unleashes a titanic blast of crushing energy flinging aside any enemies in its path.
Force Detonation Ranged Area Attack Force Detonation causes an explosion of energy anywhere you desire, sending nearby enemies flying.
Inertial Dampening Field Buff Targets Reduces the strength of incoming attacks made against you and nearby teammates.

Tier 4[]

Requires 10 powers from Energy Projector and completion of Vibora Bay Crisis

Icon Name Type Description
Energy Storm Ranged Attack Absorb power from your enemies and send it back at them with cataclysmic fury.


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