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Force Station Steelhead
Force Station Steelhead
Levels 8-11

Zone Canadian Wilderness
Missions Steelhead Missions

Force Station Steelhead is a Subzone located in the Canadian Wilderness. It is the primary hub for heroes operating in the region, centrally located and containing a large number of Mission Contacts, Skill Trainers, and an entrance to the Powerhouse. It also boasts a transport allowing players access to both Project Greenskin and Millennium City.

In the wake of a supernatural storm that crippled the region, the situation at Force Station Steelhead is beginning to once again take on the appearance of normalcy. However, though the Ice Demons have left the region the walking dead still trouble the men and women of Steelhead. Complicating matters further, the Hunter-Patriots have capitalized on the disarray resulting from the recent crisis and have pushed into the area; these terrorists are searching for something among the wreckage of downed Oceanica Flight 408, and members of a villain group known as the Brain Trust have been witnessed assisting them in their search.


The process of cleaning up after the storm that preceded Kigatilik's awakening is a large one. Steelhead personnel continue to fight the remnants of the undead zombies that attacked the outpost, while at the same time working to recover wreckage from Oceanica Flight 408 from the surrounding region. At the same time, reinforcements and superheroes have arrived to strengthen the Steelhead Division's presence in the area and assist in carrying out the organization's goals.



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Force Station Steelhead 002
Camp of The Overbrain

Though Force Station Steelhead itself is a relatively safe outpost in the Canadian Wilderness, the area even just outside its walls contain threats to those unprepared for them. Undead zombies attacked Steelhead in large numbers during the recent storm, and though their numbers are significantly smaller now, remnants of this horde remain in the hills to the south. Members of a terrorist group known as the Hunter-Patriots have made use of the chaos caused by the storm to move into the region, and are working with the villain group known as the Brain Trust to sift through the wreckage of Oceanica Flight 408.


The forces that opposed Force Station Steelhead during the recent storm have largely fled the area, though remnants of the undead horde still remain in small pockets throughout the region. More recently, however, the Hunter-Patriots have been pressing in on the outpost and the Oceanica wreckage, searching for something among the debris. In addition, reports from the field indicate that the terrorists are being assisted by known criminals, the members of a villain group that goes by the name of the Brain Trust. These villains' purpose in the area remains unknown.


Force Stationed Steelhead and the Steelhead Division were created to combat superpowered threats, and the Perks available in the area reflect this focus. In addition, the continued efforts to recover wreckage of Oceanica Flight 408 provides heroes another chance to receive recognition for their efforts.

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