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Fought the Law
Level 14 Mission
Zone Millennium City
Subzone West Side
Mission Start Chief Surhoff
Mission End Chief Surhoff

Mission Chain

Chief Surhoff

We just got a tip claiming a bunch of escapees from Millennium Jail are holed up at a construction site across the street from the jail, southeast of the jail entrance. You bring them all in, and I'll make sure they are transferred to Stronghold Maximum Security Supervillain Prison. That place is IMPOSSIBLE to break out of!

- Chief Surhoff


Find and defeat 30 Millennium City Jail Escapees hiding at construction site.


In Progress[]

If those jailbirds even suspect we know where they are hiding out, they are sure to fly the coop. You need to round them up. Get to the construction site southeast of the jail entrance and bring 'em to justice!

- Chief Surhoff

On Completion[]

Good work. As long as I am Chief of Police and heroes like you are patrolling the streets, citizens will know they are safe to walk around in Millennium City.

- Chief Surhoff


  • 6,900 Exp
  • 3 Resource100 85 Resource


Choose One:
SO Strike 004a Trick Shot SO Items Science Gadgets 03 V7 MCPD Nightstick
SO Items Arms Gadgets 04 V9 MARS Stunner Pistol SO Items Arms Gadgets 08 V4 Weapon Vents


Perk Objective[]

Lore Breakout of the Big House