Champions Online Wiki
Super Villain
Level 15
Zone Millennium City
Subzone West Side
Instance WCOC
Faction Symbol FoxBattlebot 001 ...Foxbat is unstable and unpredictable, and he should never be underestimated. Proceed with caution, {name}, and don't be surprised if he tries to make a fool out of you.
- SOCRATES -- Mission Introduction Text: Foxbattle of the Network Stars

Foxbat believes himself to be the greatest supervillain the world has ever known, when in reality all his capers demonstrate is that he is an unhinged and delusional individual. Despite this, his escapades have garnered him a significant following of individuals willing to assist and support him in ever-greater schemes. Now he and his followers have captured the WCOC Television Station, located in Millennium City's West Side, and are holding its employees hostage while he prepares to launch his own viewing lineup.

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Mission Objective[]


Perk Objective[]

Perk Vanquished Foxbat Vanquished Foxbat

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