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Foxbat and Fandom
Foxbat and Fandom]]
Lore Perk
Zone Millennium City
Subzone West Side
Perk Points 10

Foxbat and Fandom]] is a Lore Perk.


Foxbat's causing all kinds of trouble in the Westside district of Millennium City.


"Foxbat and Fandom" is a Lore Perk that can be earned within the West Side neighborhood of Millennium City. The villainous Foxbat is up to his usual capers, seeking to improve his public image in the city by force if need be.


Lore Entry

Foxbat! The very name sends chills down your spine as it evokes images of adventure. Hero, Villain, snappy dresser; Foxbat is a complicated man who is many things to many people. For one unforgettable chain of events, he even entered your life to elevate your career as a super hero to it's greatest height as he left a trail of mind-bending clues to lead you to the ultimate confrontation. For as steel hones steel, so does Foxbat shape the heroes of the world.

In retrospect, Foxbat's plan was pure elegance in its simplicity. When you first heard about the daring ping-pong ball robbery, you knew there was only one super criminal who could mastermind the crime. Your keen insight led you to deduce that Foxbat would next send his unstoppable legions of loyal followers to shock the world of art by challenging the very medium of Graphic Novels to contain the epic sweep of his greatness. But one medium alone could not contain his genius, and soon you were racing to the WCOC building to confront the man, the myth, the airborne mammal: Foxbat!

The two of you met in a titanic battle the likes of which have not been seen since the creation of the world (but which is available on pay-per-view). Some would say you triumphed. Some would even say that Foxbat was defeated. Or is it all just part of his ingenious Foxbattle plan? Only time will tell. Now that Foxbat considers you worthy of his attention, you'll be sure to find out when next you face the power, the fury, and the genius of Foxbat!!!