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Foxbattle of the Network Stars
Level 16 Mission
Zone Millennium City
Subzone West Side
Mission Start SOCRATES
Mission End SOCRATES

Mission Chain


It turns out Foxbat's comic book caper just set the stage for a larger scheme to "expand his fan base, and show to the entire world the awesomeness and greatness which is Foxbat." He's now taken over transmissions and is broadcasting his own impromptu "reality show" in WCOC Television Station, the building with all the transmission dishes on the roof. This seems like the perfect opportunity to bring Foxbat to justice, which may very well mean it's a trap. Foxbat is unstable and unpredictable, and he should never be underestimated. Proceed with caution, {name}, and don't be surprised if he tries to make a fool out of you.



Confront Foxbat in the WCOC TV Station.


Mission Notes[]

  • The entrance to the WCOC instance can be found in West Side, west of the docks. -- (/loc 33, 1, -998)

In Progress[]

Sure, Foxbat is goofy, and he's not truly malicious like most other supervillains, but he doesn't have a firm grasp on reality, and sometimes during his schemes people wind up hurt. For that reason alone, you cannot waste any time bringing Foxbat to justice!


On Completion[]

Good job, {name}. I guess this is what they call your "15 minutes of fame." Footage from your fight with Foxbat has been uploaded to SuperTube, where it's already received more than 8 million hits! A deluge of fan mail is certain to follow.



  • 15,800 Exp
  • 8 Resource100 2 Resource


Choose One:
PO Items Arms Chest 01 V3 FoxBattlebot Shielding PO Items Mysticism Chest 10 V5 Flame Retardant Costume
PO Mission Robot Head Latent AI Sentience PO Items Arms Chest 05 V4 Foxbat Armor Vest


Perk Objective[]

Lore Foxbat and Fandom