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Freedom Frays
Level 17 Mission
Zone Millennium City
Subzone West Side
Mission Start Lin Qi
Mission End Lin Qi

Mission Chain

Julie Morgan

Burt Jackson
Mia Zin
Lin Qi
Quan Qi
  • [17] Freedom Frays

The Maniacs and the Cult of the Red Banner are as different as night and day, but they share the same code. They both respect force, if you defeat their leaders, Maniac Leader Rid Len and Red Banner Clan Lord Qi, you could buy the freedom of Quan Qi and Anton Romero. Just think, {name}, you'd help clean the streets and, at the same time, give a happy ending to one of Westside's greatest love stories! Rid Len is located at the basketball courts northeast of the docks on Maniacs' territory. Clan Lord Qi is located northeast of WCOC Television Station in the Red Banner territory.

- Lin Qi


Defeat Maniac Leader Rid Len and Defeat Red Banner Clan Lord Qi


In Progress[]

I'm sure in your line of work you are used to broken bones and bruises. But how can you stand by and let an innocent girl suffer the pain of a broken heart? Please, {name}! Defeating Clan Lord Qi and Rid Len is the only way to ensure Quan Qi and Anton Romero's freedom!

- Lin Qi

On Completion[]

I can see it in your eyes, {name}. Underneath that tough exterior, you're a big softie, and that's why you did all you could to help get Quan and Anton together. Don't worry, I won't say anything, but I bet your secret identity's MovieFlix queue is full of chick flicks and romantic comedies. Admit it, {name}!

- Lin Qi


  • 16,600 Exp
  • 8 Resource100 18 Resource


Choose One:
PO Powers Martialarts Shurikenthrow Poisoned Shuriken
PU Items Mysticism Gadgets 07 V9 Occult Device PU Mission Science Sample V07 Herbal Concoction
PU Items Mysticism Gadgets 09 V13 Taoist Alchemy PU Items Mysticism Gadgets 12 V10 Chi Control


Perk Objective[]

Lore In Love and Gang-War