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The Frost Tomb
The Frost Tomb
Level 8
Zone Canada in Crisis
Coordinates -1040, 210, 310
Bosses Rakshasa

The Frost Tomb is an instanced mission map that is accessed from the Canada in Crisis zone, as part of the Canada Crisis Mission. It is the location of the primary mission chain's conclusion; once players leave the instanced map at the completion of their objectives, they will appear in the persistant Canada zone and cannot return to either the Canada in Crisis or the Desert Disaster Crisis maps.

The Frost Tomb is the source of the supernatural storm afflicting Force Station Steelhead and serving to isolate the area from the rest of the region. Ravenspeaker knows that an evil force, a servant of the villain Doctor Destroyer, has entered this alternate dimension with the intention of awakening the slumbering demon-god Kigatilik. Unable to enter the Frost Tomb himself without abandoning the people of Steelhead to the otherworldly cold of the storm, Ravenspeaker seeks a hero to do so in his stead.

Rakshasa has sought out this dimension on orders from his master, and he seeks to carry out those orders by whatever means necessary. If left to his own devices he will wake Kigatilik, and cares nothing for the loss of life his actions may result in should the storm they have created continues.


The entrance to the Frost Tomb Instance can be found in the Canada in Crisis zone, a portal located on a bluff to the south of Force Station Steelhead; it is located near where the hero Ravenspeaker is using his powers to keep the storm at bay.



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