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Supervillain with massive powers over earth and magma, who wants to cleanse Earth of humanity. Serving a life sentence in Stronghold, in hot sleep, since 1993.


: Jason Dixon was a geologist with a driving ambition: to become the first scientist to take direct samples of Earth’s mantle. Previous attempts to drill down to the mantle had failed, so Dixon had something else in mind: he would build a special suit that would (a) render him intangible so he could get down there, and (b) protect him when he re-solidified to take samples. But suits like that were expensive, and he wasn’t having any luck raising funds until he spoke with GeoMax, a company involved in oil drilling and similar pursuit. Unfortunately, what Dixon didn’t know was that GeoMax was mostly a front for ARGENT... and ARGENT was willing to sponsor him simply to use him as a guinea pig. It took over a year, but finally Dixon finished building his suit in 1985. With GeoMax’s blessing, he “took off ” from their facility near Detroit and began “walking” down toward the mantle. The suit worked perfectly! Eventually he reached his destination, turned solid again, and began taking samples. That’s when the disaster occurred. His GeoMax handlers couldn’t understand his radio transmissions; they were too garbled by static and his own terrified screams. But eventually the screams stopped. Assuming he’d been roasted or crushed to death, ARGENT declared the project a failure. Two days later, a new superhuman announced his existence by causing a volcano to grow up right in the middle of the GeoMax building. Rising from it like a phoenix was a humanoid shape that looked like it was made of igneous rock and fueled by internal lava. “HUMANS!” he shouted in a voice that could be heard for miles. “Your stewardship of this planet has been found wanting. The Earth will be cleansed of your infestation!” Then he began destroying every human structure he could see and killing anyone who didn’t get away from him fast enough. Local Detroit superheroes responded, but were unable to withstand the being’s power. But they held the line long enough for the Sentinels to get there. The Sentinels fought Geothermal, as the press christened him, to a standstill; when he was unable to defeat them he fled back into the Earth, to depths where none of the heroes could follow. Three times after that, in 1987, 1990, and 1992, Geothermal attacked major cities (London, Miami, and New York , respectively), declaring once more his intention to wipe Humanity off the face of the Earth. Each time he was narrowly defeated by a superhero team... and that last time, the Justice Squadron and Sentinels working together finally knocked him out before he could escape. Stronghold personnel were called in to insure he could be held pending trial. He was found guilty of dozens of counts of murder and other violent crimes. His sentence: hot sleep for life