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Gertz' Bolthole
Gertz' Bolthole
Level 8
Zone The Desert
Subzone Burning Sands
Coordinates -1465, 227, -1600
Bosses Major Gertz

Gertz' Bolthole is an interior instanced Mission Map accessible from the Burning Sands region of the Desert. It is the location of all Objectives of the Mission Will to Power, given to heroes by Colonel Vanderbilt, also located in the Burning Sands.

Gertz' Bolthole is the center of power of Major Gertz, previously a distinguished PRIMUS agent now driven mad by radiation exposure and mutation. Gathering together those unfortunates that, like him, succumbed in the process of carrying out their orders, he is moving to create a personal army of irradiated mutants under his direct command.


The entrance to the Gertz' Bolthole instance can be found in the Desert, in the Burning Sands region; a hatch at the top of the spiral stone formation in the Mutant PRIMUS Camp provides entry into the caverns.

The Desert


As if we don't have problems enough with attacking Irradiates! PRIMUS Major Gertz went AWOL and assembled his own army of Irradiated troops. Radiation has eaten away at his mind, made him crazy and delusional, and convinced him that humanity needs to be exterminated. Gertz has to be stopped. Find the key on one of his officers around or on the way up the spiral compound and enter the hatch on top near the Aberrant PRIMUS Soldier camp and defeat him.

- Colonel Vanderbilt -- Mission Introductory Text: Will to Power

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Gertz' Bolthole
Gertz' Bolthole Map




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