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Green Dragon
Green Dragon
Identity Green Dragon
Race Human
Gender Male
Faction Villain
Powers Martial Arts

Villainous kung fu master who's an anti-Western bigot.

Champions Online[]

Appears in the quest Prison Break working for your Nemesis.

Champions RPG[]

1982 Green Dragon

Green Dragon (1982)

Green Dragon was one of the first villains offered directly from the Champions RPG 1st Edition source book in 1981

Aaron Chow was the product of an oriental father and an occidental mother. When Aaron was living in Hong Kong his parents were killed in a massive explosion engineered by the evil Dr. Lirby Koo. Koo found Aaron’s body at the sight of the explosion and realized the potential of his extraordinary metabolism. Koo raised Aaron as his own and transformed him into a tool for Koo’s evil plans. Koo was unfortunately reported killed during an UNTIL raid on his castle. Since his father’s death, Aaron Chow as the Green Dragon has sold his skills to anyone who will use him against an occidental foe.

1984 Green Dragon

Green Dragon (1984)

In the Champions RPG 3rd Edition source book Aaron Chow has a Hero Option as opposed to his original Villain Option. He was instead brainwashed by Dr. Lirby Koo. He eventually overcame his brainwashing and in the escape caused the destruction of Dr. Koo's castle which presumably leads to the doctor's death. Aaron uses his powers to prevent evil and injustice even though (because of the brainwashing) he still distrusts occidentals.


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