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Faction The Cobra Lords
Level 15
Zone Millennium City
Subzone West Side
Faction Symbol The Cobra Lords 001
The police are taking a lot of calls from good citizens of West Side, people who don't want to leave their house because they're afraid to get robbed by the Cobra Lords-or worse! We need to round up these biker rowdies, but we have to get some evidence first. If you can do that, we'll make sure these crumbs are brought to justice.
- Chief Surhoff -- Mission Introductory Text: How the West Side was Won: Cobra Lords

Grizzlies are the physical brawlers of the Cobra Lords, a street gang found in the West Side district of Millennium City. Hand to hand combatants possessing impressive strength, Grizzlies charge at their opponents and fight in close combat; they use their strength to overwhelm and disorient their opponents. As stronger members of the Cobra Lords, they can be encountered alone or in the company of lesser members of the gang.

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