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Grond DNA Sequencing
Computer Terminal, South of the Clutch

"Grond DNA Sequencing" is one of six interactive objects that contribute to the Perk Mad Correspondence.


"Grond DNA Sequencing" can be found in the Rime Woods, within an email on a computer terminal at the central field lab, south of the Clutch.

Interactive Object[]

Forwarded Email
  • Coordinates -- (/loc -1265, 3, 2290)

Object Text[]

Dr. Demogaard,
The Council of Thirty has directed me to apologize for my outburst during your seminar at our recent VIPER Science Symposium. I've noticed since I have been injecting myself with my prototype Grond-serum I have become much more aggressive, and it is increasingly difficult to hold both my temper and my tongue. This is no way changes my original pint, that your theories about waking the latent dinosaur DNA that exists within the human body is both pedestrian and derivative. Nonetheless, as commanded by the Council of Thirst, I have enclosed the result of my latest Grond DNA sequencing. It is my hope you can use it to elevate your own paltry research efforts, and better server both VIPER and the Supreme Serpent.
Yours sincerely,
Dr. Timothy Blank


Perk Objective[]