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VIPER Report
VIPER Report

Grondmaking at Project: Stein is one of nine interactive objects that contribute to the Perk VIPER's Supersoldier Program.


Grondmaking at Project: Stein can be found in the Rime Woods, in a briefcase found next to the entrance to the easternmost VIPER field lab.

Interactive Object[]

Canadian Wilderness[]

Rime Woods

  • VIPER Report -- (/loc -1029, 2, 2622)

Object Text[]

Enclosed is the report on the recent VIPER casualties in our desert “Project: Stein” facility. Report concludes that Dr. Timothy Blank’s failure to capture Grond for further study was not a result in any deficiencies of the Project Stein security system, but a miscalculation by Dr. Bank's "Grond Hunter" squads about the magnitude of the creature’s power. It was also found that the ensuing escape of several test-subject altered by Dr. Blank’s attempts to re-create Grond were not caused by any fault on the part of his research assistant, but were due to the effectiveness of the Grond-serum on the test subjects. Reprisal upon the research assistant will not be taken, as he was one of the casualties. However, Dr. Blank assures us losses incurred by this unfortunate event are inconsequential and promises his serum will be delivered as promised, possibly even ahead of schedule.


Perk Objective[]

Lore VIPER's Supersoldier Program