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Gun Drone
Gun Drone
Faction Destroids
Level 4
Instance Champions HQ
Faction Symbol Destroid 001
This is worse than we thought! The Qularr are just the pawns of a much more dangerous villain-the most powerful and terrible villain of them all, Doctor Destroyer! He's behind this invasion.

His robots have overrun Champions HQ in order to get to the Qularr equipment we had in storage there. Apparently the robots activated some sort of high-frequency beacon that drives the Qularr crazy and provokes them to attack. You need to shutdown the beacons to stop the invasion.

- Holographic Silverback -- Quest Instance Entry Text: Homestead Security

Gun Drones are small, automated weapons that have been developed by Doctor Destroyer. A number of these devices have been brought to the Champions' Headquarters by Black Talon to assist in his efforts of seize control of a number of Qularr beacons and trigger an assault by the alien race on Millennium City.

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