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This Open Mission is Bugged!
Final enemy, Hangin' Judge Hensley, does not fight back against players. In addition, he will sometimes wander away from the Open Mission area or spontaneously regenerate health; such occurrences occasionally render Hang 'Em High incompletable.

Hang 'Em High
Hang 'Em High
Level(s) 10

Zone The Desert
Subzone Burnside
Coordinates -2895, 70, 50

Hang 'Em High is an open mission found within the ghost town of Burnside, nestled in a valley in the Deserts.

The dead that haunt the town of Burnside met their end in many ways, but some did so in a manner much more violent than their fellows. The town's old gallows remain standing, situated on the bluffs overlooking the town's graveyard, and numerous graves litter the hillside, the final resting places of those hanged for their crimes. The ghosts of these dead were raised by Talisman's magics, but so were the town's long dead hangmen and their leader, Hangin' Judge Hensley. These souls, doomed by corrupt actions performed while they drew breath, have once again taken to judging the living; these innocent victims are being held captive near the gallows, awaiting their inevitable execution at the hands of the Hangin' Judge.

Battle of the Ironclad Stages[]

Rescue the Climbers and Defeat the Hangin' Judge!

Stage 1[]

  • Graves Sanctified (0/16)

Graves can be found on the hillside surrounding the gallows, each protected by 2-3 Restless Ghosts. If they can be reached without drawing the attention of their guards, they can be purified without the need of a fight.

Stage 2[]

  • Hangmen Defeated (0/5)
  • Timed: 5:00 Minutes

Five named Hangmen, each a Super Villain-level opponent, can be found surrounding the gallows. Each will summon several followers to assist them when they attack.

Stage 3[]

Hangin' Judge Hensley is a Legendary-level opponent, and as such poses a signifigant challenge.


Hangin' Judge Hensley
Hangin' Judge Hensley
Burnside Ghosts


Named Mobs[]

Burnside Ghosts

Super Villains



Primary Offense
Primary Defense
Primary Utility
Secondary Offense
Secondary Defense
Secondary Utility


Heroic Perks

Heroic Hang 'Em High

Rogues Gallery Perks

Vanquished Vanquished Judge Hensley