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Hangman Rando
Hangman Rando
Super Villain
Faction Burnside Ghosts
Level 10
Zone The Desert
Subzone Burnside
Coordinates -2887, 58, 55
Faction Symbol Burnside Ghost 001
There is a supernatural threat in the old town of Burnside. A Curse of Mystical Concealment prevents me from telling you more. But perhaps I could find a way to counter the curse if you could collect some ectoplasmic residue from the Burnside ghosts. Burnside is in the west of the middle area of Uranium Flats.
- Witchcraft -- Mission Introductory Text: Phantasmal Acquisition

Hangman Rando is one of five spirits raised by Talisman alongside their leader, the "Hangin' Judge" Hensley. These ghosts now haunt the hills west of Burnside, capturing the living and delivering them to the town's old gallows for judgment and subsequent execution.

Open Missions[]


Perk Objective[]

Faction Symbol Burnside Ghost 001
Faction Symbol Burnside Ghost 002 Wrangler

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