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Hello Kitty
Level 19 Escort Mission
Zone Millennium City
Subzone City Center
Mission Start Martha Reece
Mission End Corporal Antoine Harrison

Hello there, dearie! I need help finding my cat, Reggie. Will you help me?

- Martha Reece


Follow Martha Reece and help her find her sweet black and white kitty-cat Reggie.

Accepting this mission starts an event.


On Completion[]

You know, I just remembered! Martha Reece is visiting her niece in Hudson City. Somebody must have been using holographic technology to appear as Martha Reece. That means they must have been setting a trap for you!

Gosh, it seems really strange I could forget that Martha went on vacation. She called me more than a dozen times to ask me to keep an eye on her place.

Hmm. This really is most peculiar. Could my forgetfulness have anything to do with these intense headaches I've been having?

- Corporal Antoine Harrison


  • 9,300 Exp
  • 4 Resource100 25 Resource


Choose One:
SU Items Angelicinspiration Halo 01 V01 Reggie's Whisker SU Mission Book V13 Martha Reece's Scintillating Yarn
SU Items Mysticism Accessories 08 V2 Reggie's Cat Collar SU Items Mysticism Gadgets 08 V5 Reggie's Cat Toy


Perk Objective[]

Lore Blind PSI-ded