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Mission given in The Desert by Rebecca Rothschild ( 2221 / -6 / -610 )

Appropriate Level: 26

Complete mission by speaking to: Rebecca Rothschild ( 2221 / -6 / -610 )

Mission Briefing[]

There's only one thing I hate more than shape-changers, and that's escaped shape-changers. Morph and Red Jack McCall are two of our most diabolic prisoners, and they also happen to be the hardest to catch. I hear Morph and McCall are northwest of the Area 51 entrance hiding with the Qularr around the crash site. Keep in mind they look exactly like whoever they shapeshift into, but if you have a careful eye you might notice someone who seems out of place.


Find two shape-changers Morph and Red Jack McCall.

Return to Assistant Warden Rothschild

You will receive:[]

12,500 Exp
3 Resource100 54 Resource (Resources earned modified by Hero's level)

You will be able to choose one of:[]

Flash Point; Shooting Analysis; Spirit of Steele; Steels Magic Spurs

Important Info[]

SPOILER: Morph is disguised as a Qularr and is walking around the crater with another prisoner next to him. Red Jack McCall is disguised as a Qularr walking in and out of the mouth of the crater by himself.