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Hoot Burnett
Hoot Burnett
Faction Burnside Ghosts
Level 10
Zone The Desert
Subzone Burnside
Coordinates -2371, 8, 231
Faction Symbol Burnside Ghost 001
I made a promise that I wouldn't move on to the next world 'til I got my vengeance. Now that a dark magician is raising Burnside townsfolk from the dead, and I finally got my chance to make things right. Justice is long overdue, stranger... you feel like lendin' a hand? All four of them can be found around Burnside, either in the graveyard west of the town, or around the town center.
- Mayor Reno Randall -- Mission Introductory Text: The Reviled

Hoot Burnett is one of four gunmen that once terrorized the people of Burnside. They killed the town's mayor, Reno Randall, over a dispute regarding the man's spurs, only to kill each other when each tried to claim the prize for himself. Now awakened alongside the other spirits of Burnside, these four once again terrorize the living.


Mission Objective[]


Perk Objective[]

Faction Symbol Burnside Ghost 001
Faction Symbol Burnside Ghost 002 Wrangler

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