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How the West Side was Won: New Purples
Level 15 Repeatable Mission
Zone Millennium City
Subzone West Side
Mission Start Chief Surhoff
Mission End Chief Surhoff

In the West Side, there are gangs, and there is the New Purple Gang. These guys are so much more organized than the rest of the gangs in Millennium City it's just a matter of time before they have an organized crime empire...

Unless YOU can put a stop to it, {name}! Defeat members of the New Purple Gang to gather evidence of their illicit activities. And I'll turn the evidence over to Chief Prosecutor George Kruger-assuming that nincompoop hasn't managed to get himself kidnapped again!

- Chief Surhoff


Collect Incriminating Evidence off the New Purples in West Side.


In Progress[]

Have you brought in any evidence on the New Purple Gang? We need to put a stop to them... those zoot suit delinquents are causing more than their share of trouble around the West Side.

- Chief Surhoff

On Completion[]

Good work, {name}. Thanks to your efforts and the evidence you've collected, those New Purple Gang scofflaws will soon be cooling their New Purple heels in City Jail!

- Chief Surhoff


  • 7,400 Exp
  • 3 Resource100 93 Resource