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Supervillainess whose sonic powers result from her body being fused with Hzeel technology.

Howler Champions


In 1991, Susan Sonderheim was an archaeologist working on a dig in the African jungle, where a survey team had found the remains of some interesting structures that didn’t seem to fit any other known civilization native to that region. While working on an outlying mound by herself, she heard a loud noise — almost like a machine — off in the jungle. Curious, she left her worksite to see what was causing the disturbance. She crept up through the jungle and came upon a most intriguing scene. A group of men, being led by a tall, strong-looking man carrying a rifle, were using a diesel crane to move a strange object. At first she took it for some sort of airplane, but she soon realized it was actually an alien spaceship! She watched the men work, careful not to reveal her presence, but keeping her eyes open for a way to obtain something from the ship for herself. An alien artifact would be the find of a lifetime. She’d get tenure. She’d get rich! Soon her watchfulness paid off. As the ship was lifted out of the crater it had made in the jungle, she saw a small object fall from inside. While the men’s attention was focused on getting the ship safely onto a flatbed truck, she darted out from her hiding place, snatched the object from the ground, and got back behind cover. She stuffed it in her pocket and snuck away as quietly as she could. When she decided she’d gotten away without anyone noticing her, she took the object out of her pocket and looked at it. It was... odd. Definitely an amulet or necklace of some sort, she figured, but nothing from any Earth culture she’d ever heard of. Intrigued, she unclasped it and put it on. As soon as she had it settled around her neck, she felt it tighten and seize onto her. The amulet was bonding with her, attaching itself to her flesh. As she reached to tear it away, a cacophony of images flooded into her mind, causing her to clutch her head in pain. Finally the agony in her skull became too much to handle, and she screamed. As the scream — the most intense she’d ever uttered — died away, so did the pain. She looked around, and saw that her scream had shattered, and in places almost liquified, a nearby tree. As the amulet continued to interact with her mind, she realized it had given her superpowers — she could control sound! She laughed — a throaty, melodic laugh far richer and more vibrant than she’d ever laughed. The amulet was hers now, and she wasn’t going to let the aliens, or anyone else, take it away from her. Since then, Sonderheim, as Howler, has used her sonic powers to commit crimes. Though she still works as a professor at Millennium City University to maintain some semblance of a normal life, she’s not the woman she once was. She’s something far, far better.


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