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Hunter-Patriot Act
Level 10 Mission
Zone Canadian Wilderness
Subzone Force Station Steelhead
Mission Start Capt. Susan Connors
Mission End Capt. Susan Connors

Mission Chain

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Capt. Susan Connors
[10] Hunter-Patriot Act
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Giant Brain's Astral Projection

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The Hunter-Patriots have been harassing the workers who are trying to clear the crash debris. They've virtually taken over the entire area but they seem... confused. I can't explain it any other way. The few we've taken into custody are babbling about Brains and Zamboni Bombers. I need you to do double duty, {name}. Scare them out of the area so we can clean up the wreckage, and find out what they're planning. The nose of the crash is due East of here.

- Capt. Susan Connors


Dissuade the Hunter-Patriots from sticking around the crash site by defeating a number of them. Gather information on what they're working on.


In Progress[]

Were you able to find out what the Hunter-Patriots were planning?

- Capt. Susan Connors

On Completion[]

Excellent! Hopefully you've scared the Hunter-Patriots off and we can continue cleanup. Now, let me see those plans.

- Capt. Susan Connors


  • 5,100 Exp
  • 1 Resource100 78 Resource