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Hyperborean Woodland Warding
Level 9 Mission
Zone Canadian Wilderness
Subzone Force Station Steelhead
Mission Start Maj. Jeremy Hendges
Mission End Maj. Jeremy Hendges

We've gotten reports of Hunter-Patriot activity in the woods around here. My orders are to keep this side of Big Bear Lake secure, but I'm short of experienced soldiers. I could use your help clearing out some of these Hunter-Patriots, {name}, so we can establish a secure perimeter. Think you're up to the job?

- Maj. Jeremy Hendges


Help Maj. Hendges establish a forward perimeter by clearing out Hunter-Patriots from key locations.


  • Secure the area
    • First Patrol Point
    • Defeat the Ambush!
    • Second Patrol Point
    • Third Patrol Point
    • Defeat the Ambush!
    • Fourth Patrol Point
    • Fifth Patrol Point
    • Defeat the Ambush!
  • Return to the Major Hendges

In Progress[]

Have you checked out those woods yet?

- Maj. Jeremy Hendges

On Completion[]

That should keep the Hunter-Patriots out of our business for awhile.

- Maj. Jeremy Hendges


  • 4,600 Exp
  • 1 Resource100 40 Resource