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A supervillain who is a member of PSI. As the name implies, his main power is super-mesmerism, but he can also make direct mental assaults or sap someone's will.


Brian Van Der Schaaf was always a bad kid — which only made sense, since his Mom was the notorious supervillainess Dr. Bedlam. After his mental powers manifested, he used them to bully his foster parents, teachers, and classmates, and when he finally got caught on a breaking-and-entering charge in 1983 and was sent to reform school, well, he wound up pretty much running the place. All his life he’d watched superbeings battle each other on the evening news, and finally he decided he was ready to join the fun. He developed a costume, stole some experimental belt-jets, and became the mercenary criminal Hypnos. Well, being a supervillain turned out to be harder than he’d thought. He ran into a second-rate hero called Mighty Man the first couple of times out of the starting gate, and despite his obvious edge in intelligence got beaten and wound up in Stronghold. He participated in the Great Stronghold Breakout of 1990, only to get recaptured a week later by Vanguard. He caught a lucky break and escaped from custody before his trial, but that was his last bit of good fortune for awhile. When he teamed up with some other villains to rob Fort Knox, things finally seemed to be looking up — but then the Sentinels came along and busted up that little party. Finally, in 1992 Hypnos took a job working as a henchman for the Lyndon mob in Philadelphia, and when the Scarlatti family took out a hit on Mr. Lyndon himself, Hypnos wound up in direct conflict with Psimon. The two struck up a conversation, and Psimon offered Hypnos a choice: join PSI, or die along with his employers. Hypnos signed up without hesitation. As a basically selfish and power-hungry individual, Hypnos tried to play both sides of the street during the PSI “civil war,” shifting his allegiance from Lancer to Psimon and back again based on how things were going. Fortunately for him, he was on Psimon’s team when Lancer disappeared. He escaped capture and spent the next several years as a mercenary villain once again. When he heard that Psimon and Medusa were back on the scene, he tracked them down and joined up again. Maybe this time they’ll finally listen to him; he wasn’t the one stupid enough to let the situation deteriorate like Psimon did....


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