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Ice Zombie
Ice Zombie
Faction Evil Spirits
Zone Canada in Crisis
Canadian Wilderness
Subzone Force Station Steelhead
Instance The Frost Tomb

Ice Zombies are Henchman-level enemies, members of the Evil Spirit villain group. They are usually encountered in larger groups than other enemy mobs in the game, but are fairly easy to defeat. However, if they are not dealt damage in excess to their health they have the ability to fall to the ground and regenerate, rising to attack again once their health is regained; they can be attacked while prone, and defeating them before their health returns destroys them.


Faction Symbol Evil Spirit 001
Finish off this undead abomination while it's still on the ground, or be ready to defeat it again... and again... and again...

Ice Zombie Mobs[]


Mission Objective[]


Ice Zombies count toward the kill totals required to earn several Perks.

Rogues Gallery Perks[]

Faction Symbol Evil Spirit 001 Ghost Whisperer
Faction Symbol Evil Spirit 002 Ghost Hunter
File:Faction Symbol Evil Spirit 003.png Ghost Buster