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John Needham is the Chief Executive Officer of Cryptic Studios.

About John Needham[]

John Needham brings years of business development and financial experience in the entertainment and gaming industries to Cryptic Studios. A graduate of San Diego State University, John began his career at Arthur Anderson and Co. John later held several positions in the television division at Sony Pictures Entertainment, including director of corporate development and vice president of finance for Telemundo Networks. Moving to Sony Online Entertainment in 2001, John served as senior vice president of business development, focusing on international expansion and the formation of a cross-platform publishing, distribution and marketing label. He later managed business development, strategic initiatives, international operations, customer service and quality assurance for SOE as senior vice president of business development and operations. At Cryptic, John provides executive leadership to all departments and will guide the company as it expands from a development house to an international publisher of MMOGs.


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