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Shannon Posniewski is the Director of Game Programming for Cryptic Studios.

About Shannon Posniewski[]

For the past sixteen years Shannon Posniewski has engineered and developed software for a number of technology companies. Beginning as a software engineer for Image Systems Technology, Shannon eventually moved to MapInfo Corporation for a project integrating the MapInfo software (the first PC-based geographic information system) with Microsoft Excel.

Shannon later joined Stellar Semiconductor, a 3D graphics technology startup. There, as both a software and hardware engineer, he helped invent and implement highly-efficient 3D graphic systems. Stellar was acquired by Broadcom Corp, where Shannon led development of cable set-top box software and hardware.

At Cryptic Studios, Shannon designed and implemented many of the game systems for City of Heroes and City of Villains. Now, as director of game programming, he oversees the design and development of all game systems in Cryptic projects.


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