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In Love and Gang-War
In Love and Gang-War
Lore Perk
Zone Millennium City

In Love and Gang-War is a Lore Perk.


A tragedy is about to play out as two young lovers are caught up in the gang violence of the Westside District of Millennium City. That is, unless you can help them.

The daughter of a Cult of the Red Banner leader and the brother of the leader of the Maniacs gang have fallen in love, despite the obstacles that face them.


"In Love and Gang-War" can be earned by completing a set of three missions. All are part of a single mission chain, the beginning of which is given by contact Lin Qi in Millennium City's West Side. One of the missions, Westside Story, though part of the chain can be completed separately.


Lore Entry

Even in the middle of gang warfare, love can bloom. Young Quan Qi of the Cult of the Red Banner and her true love Anton Romero were torn from each other by their warring gangs. Tragedy seemed immanent, but found yourself in a position to change their lives. It wasn't easy, and both gangs fought you every step of the way until your fought for their right to be together against the leaders of the gangs. But hey, if you can't help get two kids together in this crazy mixed-up world, then what good are you as a hero, really? The wedding video you received from two smiling kids on their way to a new life is your answer.