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Into the Storm
Level 8 Mission
Zone Canada in Crisis
Mission Start Ravenspeaker
Mission End Justiciar

Mission Chain

[5] The Ordeal of Oceanica 408

[7] Oceanica's Other Threat
[7] Passengers in Permafrost
[6] Shepard's Cry
Oceanica Passenger J.J. Shepard
[7] Lost in the Snow

[8] Subzero Servant

[8] Into the Storm

The scroll contains orders drom Dr. Destroyer to his servant Rakshasa, commanding him to go into a dimension known as the Frost Tomb and awaken the sleeping demon-god Kigatilik. The scroll also contains a spell to access a portal into the Frost Tomb.

I must remain here and use my powers to keep the storm at bay, so it falls to you to go into this Portal into the Frost Tomb dimension and attempt to stop Rakshasa from waking Kigatilik. At the very least, defeat Destroyer's treacherous servant Rakshasa.

- Ravenspeaker


Go into Portal and defeat Rakshasa.


In Progress[]

Hurry {name}! Go through the portal next to me and take down Rakshasa.

- Ravenspeaker

On Completion[]

You showed great bravery today, facing one of Destroyer's most powerful servants, and soundly defeating him. Unfortunately, Rakshasa succeeded in waking the great demon-god Kigatilik. There is no doubt we will have to contend with Kigatilik's powerful evil, and the threat he poses to this land, but that is a fight for another day.

- Justiciar


Perk Objective[]

Knowledge Raiders on the Storm