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Invasion Leader
Invasion Leader
Master Villain
Faction Gadroon
Level 20
Zone Millennium City
Subzone City Center
Instance Gadroon Warehouse
Faction Symbol Gadroon 001
The courier is coming from the Gadroon hideout, northwest of City Hall. The Gadroon don't have a very keen understanding of human fashion, so their disguised Gadroon courier will appear as a human wearing red, striped pants. Follow the disguised Gadroon, and then use your holographic disruption glasses to confirm this is actually a disguised Gadroon. He is carrying the plans that show you the location of the secret warehouse to the Invasion Leader.
- Silver Avenger Mayte Sanchez -- Mission Introductory Text: Take You to Their Leader

The Invasion Leader is in charge of the Gadroon efforts to infiltrate and invade Millennium City, using holographic technology to remain undetected until their numbers are large enough to enact their plans. He organizes his efforts from a warehouse hidden in City Center.


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