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Irradiated Goldmine
Irradiated Goldmine
Level 10
Zone The Desert
Subzone Atomic Wasteland
Coordinates -1535, -191, 1345
Bosses Leech

The Irradiated Goldmine is an interior instanced mission map accessible from the Atomic Wasteland region of the Desert. It is the location of all objectives of the mission Minion of Malice, granted to heroes upon examination of the Edomic Orb.

The Irradiated Goldmine is an isolated delving located in the northernmost region of the Atomic Wasteland, forgotten entirely until recently; when the supernatural villain Leech found himself free of any master other than himself, it was within these mines that he sought refuge. Driven by instincts both human and alien, Leech now plots his vengeance against any who might seek to control him.


The entrance to the Irradiated Goldmine instance can be found in the Desert, in the northernmost region of the Atomic Wasteland; the entrance to the mines can be located in the bluffs overlooking the area.

The Desert


Peering into the orb, you see a vision of Talisman's supernatural minion Leech creating an Irradiate army inside of an old gold mine within the Atomic Wasteland. Holding the orb, you get the distinct impression Talisman used it to control Leech. However, when she was defeated, Leech was freed from supernatural servitude and is plotting a terrible revenge against humanity. You get the strange feeling that the Orb showed you this to mock you, or to lead you into danger.

- Mission Introductory Text: SiniSister

Mission Location[]


Irradiated Goldmine Map
Irradiated Goldmine Map

Freed from his servitude to the villainess Talisman, the creature known as Leech has withdrawn to the Irradiated Goldmine in order to create for himself an army of mutated Irradiates.



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Super Villains


The creature known as Leech is a being of small mind, operating purely on instinct when uncontrolled. His lair in the Atomic Wasteland holds little of note, other than Leech himself.

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