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Irradiated Officer
Irradiated Officer
Faction PRIMUS
Level 11
Zone The Desert
Subzone Atomic Wasteland
Ready for a search and rescue mission, friend? PRIMUS sent a squad of soldiers to deal with the mutated Irradiates some time ago. They haven't reported back, and if those poor men have had prolonged exposure to those glowing pools, radiation sickness should start kicking in any time, followed by rampant mutation. They'll need to be dosed with my serum. If you run out and need more, well, you know where to find me.
- Professor Ciraulo -- Mission Introductory Text: More Mutants by the Minute

Irradiated Officers are the result of the Irradiate's campaign to forcefully mutate any humans they capture in the Atomic Wasteland. Originally sent to patrol the region, under orders of the mutant leader Phrosoe these former PRIMUS soldiers have been forcefully conscripted into the ranks of the very monsters they were tasked to fight.

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