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It Hurts When I Do ... This!
Level 20 Help a Citizen Mission
Zone The Desert
Subzone Snake Gulch
Team Size 1-5
Mission Start Desert Hiker
Mission End Objective Completion

I just saw some escaped prisoners go into the warehouse and then I heard some screams. I think those escapees have taken someone hostage! Please go help!

- Desert Hiker


A crimestopper hotline just got an anonymous tip about a gang of Stronghold escapees breaking into a nearby warehouse and taking hostages. Please rescue the hostages and bring these dangerous criminals to justice.

Recommended team: 1-5


  • Rescue Hostage Doctors (0/3)

Mission Notes[]

Instance Entry[]

A band of escaped prisoners from Stronghold found some of the doctors responsible for suppressing their powers and took them hostage! The doctors are in serious trouble! Go rescue them before the escaped thugs decide to get revenge!

On Completion[]

You saved the doctors and turned the prisoners over to Stronghold! Excellent job!


  • 9,700 Exp
  • 4 Resource100 50 Resource