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-This Quest has been removed from the game after a Tutorial Revamp!-

Friendly • Hero
Level 5
Zone Millennium City Tutorial
Coordinates 7670, 200, -1075

To anyone who can hear me! This is Kinetik!

I have been captured by the Qularr and imprisoned in some sort of biological cage.

- Kinetik -- Mission Introductory Text: Speed in Need

Kinetik's fight against the Qularr invasion taking place during the Millennium City Tutorial is cut short when he's captured by the insectoid aliens. Held in a cage and guarded by an Invasion Leader, he contacts characters with his communicator seeking rescue.

  • For the complete article on the character, see: Kinetik


Mission Objective[]

no longer exist


Perk Objective[]

Collection We are the Champions

You can find him on a street corner in City Center to talk to, and pick up missions. He is too busy in the tutorial.