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Mission given in Canadian Wilderness by Lt. David Folger ( -65 / 45 / -2638 )

Appropriate Level: 27

Complete mission by speaking to: Lt. David Folger ( -65 / 45 / -2638 )

Mission Briefing[]

All the things you've found have put the puzzle of the Adumbrial Grimoire together. The Hunter-Patriots who were looking for the book are being kidnapped by demons and forced to mine for something called the Basilisk Orb, a powerful artifact. The Demons are under control of Eclipse. a powerful Villain and a member of the dreaded Crowns of Krim. If Eclipse finds the Basilisk Orb, he'll use it to augment the power of his Shadow Crown and become nearly unstoppable! You've got to rescue the hostages, even if they are Hunter-Patriots and stop Eclipse before it's to late. All signs point to a mysterious cave up on a mountain in the southern Hoarfrost Hills


Rescue enslaved Hunter-Patriots in Eclipse's Cave and defeat Eclipse.

You will receive:[]

13,000 Exp
3 Resource100 99 Resource (Note resource reward fluctuates based on your Hero's level)

You will be able to choose one of:[]

Cloak of the Infinite Planes; UNTIL Defense Screen; Turkian Metal; UNTIL Training; Turkoian Metal; Invocation of the Eclipse

Important Info[]