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Kung Fu Muscle
Level 15 Mission
Zone Millennium City
Subzone West Side
Team Size 2
Mission Start Julie Morgan
Mission End Julie Morgan

Mission Chain

Julie Morgan

Burt Jackson
Mia Zin
Lin Qi
Quan Qi

The New Purple Gang claim they rule the streets of Westside, but a new gang has popped up and is giving them a lot of competition. The Cult of the Red Banner has moved in on Westside's Chinatown district, two blocks northeast of the jail. They've been shaking down area merchants. I've gotten to know a lot of the people in that neighborhood, and I'm sure those hardworking folks would be grateful if you stepped in and showed those Red Banner Collection Agents a thing or two! Be careful though, I hear those collection agents travel in packs, so you might want to take a friend or two with you.

- Julie Morgan


Defeat 5 Red Banner Cult Collection Agents in Westside's Chinatown district.

Recommended team: 2


In Progress[]

People want protection from the Cult of the Red Banner, but nobody wants to step up and do the right thing. "Forget it, Julie," they said, "It's Chinatown." Please, {name}, show some community spirit and take down those Collection Agent goons from the Cult of the Red Banner!

- Julie Morgan

On Completion[]

Thank you for helping out those poor shop owners, {name}! It will be a great day when the average citizen is able to walk down the streets of Chinatown, and not have to worry about being jumped by some Cult of the Red Banner thug!

- Julie Morgan


  • 7,400 Exp
  • 3 Resource100 93 Resource


You Will Also Receive:
PO Power Replace Toxic Swampwalker Form