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Laboratory Lowdown
Level 13 Mission
Zone Canadian Wilderness
Subzone The Rime Woods
Mission Start Dr. Karl Severisen
Mission End Dr. Karl Severisen

VIPER agents have been trained not to talk, even if you put a scare into them. But they might be carrying around orders from whoever is in charge. Get a hold of these orders, and I'm sure we'll get the incriminating evidence we need against their secret lab, the Clutch.

- Dr. Karl Severisen


Collecting incriminating documents from defeated VIPER soldiers.


In Progress[]

We can't just bust in on VIPER without evidence! We need those documents!

- Dr. Karl Severisen

On Completion[]

Just as I suspected. WIPER is performing experiments on humans in those labs... performing brain surguries with the intention of building psychic super soldiers. This ties in to what VIPER is doing in their Project Awakening facility in Massasauga Hills, mark my words!

- Dr. Karl Severisen


  • 6,500 Exp
  • 2 Resource100 84 Resource


You Will Also Recieve:
PO Hand Sound 001a Vibrating Blast Focus


Perk Objective[]

Lore Pop the Clutch